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About HPI

HPI are an independent group offering two distinctive services.


The first, a financial concierge service that combines an all-in-one platform of professional services alongside 24/7 personal support & management. The second being a discovery service, for clients who have professional services in place but want clarity and understanding regarding their situation, e.g. what fees they're paying financial planner or wealth manager.


We are a specialist team consisting of experts who advise to the sports, media, music, and entertainment industries.

Importantly, unlike a typical concierge who just offer the services, we arrange and manage the services we provide. We guide clients through every process, bringing all the service providers together, so they don’t have to.


HPI has expertise covering multiple sectors, with our team having backgrounds in elite sport, financial services, music & entertainment, media, legal & insurance as-well as many others.


Our independence is our strength, ensuring we take zero commission from our partners, therefore maintaining that our work is solely for our clients with no financial links to any service provider. We advise our clients in multiple areas of their life, with absolutely no financial gain from the decisions they choose to make. 


Our partner list is widespread and contains a variety of companies for each service needed, all at the very top of their respected fields.


Additionally, as part of HPI we have accessed exclusive partner discounts for all of our professional services, only available to HPI clients.

Our aim is to provide our clients with an ongoing financial consultant, a mentor who has a deep understanding of their situation and can offer an insight into any potential risks they may encounter throughout their career. This may be tax related, financial, legal, or personal to name a select few.


HPI allows clients to concentrate on maximising their career whilst we ensure security and success in all areas of their life, readily prepared and confident for the future.

Our Team


Our team strives to serve every individual in the sports, media and entertainment industries.


We have vast industry knowledge and are becoming the trusted advisors for individuals, businesses & agencies across many sectors.

We believe the business should be led and driven by experts in their fields, simply for the benefit of you and your network. This is at the core of everything we do and determines how we see, think and act on your future.

Our executive team consists of individuals with expertise in finance, media, law, accounting, sport & entertainment as well as having team members who have succeeded at the very top of their respective industries.

We have been on the journey and understand what it takes. The highs, the lows, the opportunities and the risks. We recognise the wide range of emotions high performers face throughout their lives.

We are more than a service. We are your support, we are your guidance, we are your TEAM.

How We Differ



We work solely for the client, with no commercial ties to any organisation.



Our team consists of ex & current high performers in multiple industries.



We handle the work for you, we manage the detail and advise you every step of the way. 



As part of our ongoing service, we educate the client via a 1-1 program to empower them to take control of their future.


Fee Structure

Our fees are transparent & set based on the complexity of your support need.

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