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Ziara has crafted a standout career in media, marketing, and entertainment. Known for her straightforward, no-nonsense style, she values clear communication and efficiency, earning the trust and respect of organisations and clients alike.


Her passion for impactful and meaningful vision led her to creating the This Is Manchester Awards in 2018, celebrating the true Mancunian spirit, and fast becoming Manchester’s leading landmark legacy awards. The event has honoured inspiring figures like Marcus Rashford for his fight against child hunger, Fred Done and others who contribute significantly towards the region’s iconic dynamic economy and culture. As well as being an advocate for young people as Founder Patron of HideOut Youth Zones, Ziara’s dedication to causes that make a difference is evident in the success and impact of This Is Manchester. This role reflects her commitment to fostering positive community relationships and making a real difference in young people’s lives.


Ziara’s leadership ensures top-tier service and satisfaction, highlighting her unwavering pursuit of excellence.


Her career journey included pivotal and a long established career within media, managing key blue chip partnerships across the marcom industries and leading global brands, securing and executing multi million pound campaigns. At Times Media Group (News UK), she played a critical role in driving revenue growth for The Times and Sunday Times titles to upwards of £5million PA for her territories alone, contributing significantly to the overall success of the broadsheet titles. Ziara was responsible for taking the broadsheet title to market when it relaunched to a tabloid format. 


Her earlier experiences at News Group Newspapers, Metro Radio, and Daily Mirror laid the foundation for her deep understanding of the media and marketing landscape.


Ziara’s recent experience has lead her to the entertainment industry, where she has supported global household names with tour support as well as leading prominent figures off the pitch with lifestyle support. Ziara’s love and passion in ensuring talent and brands are aligned and engaged to achieve maximum impact and reach. ‘I love music and entertainment, live events, and ensure clients and brands are able to enjoy and experience the best of the industry.’ 


Ziara’s has always prioritised people before anything. ‘People buy people, before they buy a product has always been my mantra from my very early career in media.’ Being professional, sincere and genuinely caring and fostering strong meaningful relationships for those she works with is always a priority. Her ability to foster positive relationships, combined with her strategic business acumen, sets her apart in the industry. Ziara’s career is a testament to her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in everything she does.

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