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The Journey

Our approach supports many aspects of your professional career journey, from the beginning through to career transition, business ownership, significant life changes or retirement.


We understand there are a lot of moving parts in the sports, media, music & entertainment industries, so we look to bring simplicity and a platform you can grow from.

At HPI, we work with elite clients on a regular basis and sometimes they believe they have financial security and a secure future due to their income or social status.

However, it can be very daunting not to have a plan or a direction.


At HPI we will help you to structure your lifestyle and guide you, making sure that whatever happens next you're secure and protected in the next phase, with a clear purpose.


Your Objectives

Understanding you and your current & future aspirations

Review and Planning

Looking at your opportunities and addressing your risks via our review & report process

Plan Management and Support

Tracking your progress and adapting to changes that appear in line with your plan

Implementation Of Plan

Putting your agreed plan into action & introducing you to our expert partners who will become your business management team

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