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Fee Structure

The key to our approach is independence and our knowledge of your journey. We have two simple fee structures with four tiers in each.

All our services start with you going through a life planning process so we can understand the building blocks that need to be put into place.

The fees for this review & advisory report are one off and range depending on the initial conversation we have regarding how complex your report may be. You can see these fees below.

HPI then have separate fees for our ongoing support service. This is our unique, fully inclusive offering to support you and your network in all areas. Again, we offer four tiers and the tier we place you in, will be explained in your report and is based on the amount of support you will require from us.

There is no obligation to become an ongoing client once the initial review has been completed. All ongoing fees can be found below.


Transparent, clear, open & honest fees. 

No hidden costs.

Fees established based on support level needed.

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