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Simon is a seasoned professional with a distinctive background intertwining the realms of finance and sports. Currently, he serves as the Founder and Managing Director of High Performance Individuals, a venture he initiated to channel his expertise into fostering excellence in individuals, particularly within the sports sector.


Simon's journey took on a poignant turn, as his professional football career, which began with promise at Manchester United and then Wigan Athletic F.C., came to an abrupt halt due to a career-altering injury. Faced with this challenge, Simon embarked on a journey to reinvent himself, all with a profound commitment to giving back to the people who shared his love for the game.


Undeterred by the setback, Simon redirected his focus towards the financial sector, where he found success over the years. His extensive tenure at St. James’s Place Wealth Management saw him play a pivotal role in business acquisition, contributing significantly to the company's growth.


In his previous role as the Business Development Director at Tilney Group, Simon showcased not only strategic leadership but also a profound understanding of the sports industry. This experience laid the foundation for his desire to give back to football, recognising the transformative impact the sport had on his own early career.


Despite the successes in his business career, he remains grounded, never forgetting the lessons learned during his early years on the football field and having the desire to give back following guiding words from his old coach at Manchester United. “The player is the asset to themselves not everyone around them”. (AF)


Beyond the corporate landscape, Simon's heart remains in football, and his desire to give back to the people who form the backbone of the sport is a testament to his enduring passion and commitment to community.


High Performance Individuals reflects not only his business acumen but also his personal journey of overcoming adversity with grace and modesty while striving to uplift others.


Through his self-founded initiative, Simon not only imparts valuable lessons but also strives to create opportunities for aspiring High Performers and those moving on to their next career talents, drawing on his own experiences of reinvention. His journey serves as an inspirational narrative of resilience, adaptability, and a heartfelt dedication to giving back to the community.


Simon stands as a leader who has not only successfully bridged the worlds of business and sports but has also used his own life's story to make a positive impact on the next generation of athletes and individuals, emphasising the power of giving back and their future opportunities.

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