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In a career spanning more than two decades, James has quietly navigated various senior leadership roles across diverse industries. Driven by an authentic desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others, his approach has consistently centred on adapting to challenges and fostering meaningful change.


At the heart of James's professional journey lies a sincere passion for assisting individuals in navigating both their professional and personal paths.


Through experiences in change management, procurement, and project leadership, his approach centres on a profound commitment to uplifting those around him. It's not about achieving grand milestones or overseeing projects for the sake of it; rather, it's about making a difference in the lives of individuals and creating environments where teams can genuinely thrive.


James says his most fulfilling moments arise from guiding teams through complex projects, witnessing their growth, and championing their success. Strategic team building, for James, is not about grand gestures but about assembling diverse teams tailored to specific business needs. The true joy lies not just in achieving collective goals but in the personal and professional growth of each team member.


In his current role as the Director of Business Services at High Performance Individuals (HPI), James endeavours to support high-performing professionals in a holistic manner. This endeavour extends beyond financial and occupational well-being; it's about simplifying their journeys, removing unnecessary noise, and empowering them to focus on the aspects that truly matter.


Contributing to community and charity-based initiatives has also been a quiet yet heartfelt part of James's professional journey.


James's professional narrative is not one of grandiosity but rather a humble acknowledgment that leadership is about people and making their lives better.


There is nothing more important to him than making the communities he lives in better, as he believes that will have a direct impact on his families lives and everyone they meet. 

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